So what happened to Bang Tidy

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So what happened to Bang Tidy

Post by BANGTIDY » Mon Dec 02, 2019 12:56 am


For those who knew the old website, here is the story of what happened.

The old website ran for 10 years and at it's peak was receiving 20,000 unique visitors per day and over 15 million page views per month. It wasn't the huge following some of the other celebrity image websites have, but it was enough to be able to run the website as a full time job (for a while).

Around 2012, advertising policies started changing and they gradually became more strict over adult content. This meant we had to flag more and more content as not safe for work and therefore generated less ad revenue because we couldn't run ads on that content.

As my family and financial commitments grew and the time required to maintain the website not generating enough income, I decided to sell the domain hoping someone else would take over and maintain the site. But sadly the new owner didn't take over the already established website with it's updating mechanisms, they replaced the website with their own thing and it was never maintained.

After a year or so under the new owner, i was offered the domain back and i accepted. Even tho i knew i can't ever bring the old website back, i wanted to get the domain back for old times' sake.

So, this forum...

This forum is for anyone who wants to share celebrity images. I know the other forums are too established and this will likely never be used by anyone. But, on the off chance an image poster wants to make their home, it's here.

The one thing i can commit too is keeping this domain active and the forum hosted.

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