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Rules about posting, behaviour and image host usage
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Forum Rules

Post by BANGTIDY » Thu Apr 11, 2019 7:29 pm

We reserve the right to ban and delete any user and content without notice or explanation. Users who do not follow these rules will have their accounts banned and their content removed.

Website Rules
  • Do not post images of under 16's
  • Do not post sexual references about children (under 18's)
  • Do not post adult material of under 18's
  • Don't be racist or homophobic
  • Don't be unnecessarily abusive
  • Don't share material you're not legally allowed too
  • Don't break the law of what ever country you reside in
Posting Rules
  • Please make sure that you post in the correct section.
  • State the celebrity name and location, event, photoshoot etc.
  • Use thumbnails
  • Please try and date the images
  • Link to URLs that fit our image host guidelines
Other Rules
  • Adult Content: We allow adult content including full-frontal nudity
  • Code Stealing: if it's public domain material, use any BB Code from any other website you want, we don't care.

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